Episode 1: Should you fast to lose weight? Interview With Jimmy Moore

February 24, 2017

Today I talk with bestselling health writer and educator Jimmy Moore. Jimmy is the author of seven books and the host of five podcasts, including Fasting Talk with Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos.  


Jimmy explains how his obesity (and his mother-in-law) motivated him to change his lifestyle; then we discuss what happens to your body when you eat a ketogenic diet and fast. Are GMOs dangerous? We touch on that as well. How "food deserts" cause obesity. Maybe. Other questions we cover: Does money corrupt science? And--is Jimmy just a huckster trying to sell his books and supplements? Spoiler alert: no.







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Resources for this episode:

More info on GMOs from The American Council on Science and Health 

A brief summary of the evidence behind intermittent fasting

Does corporate money corrrupt science?



Figures mentioned during the conversation: 

Tom Naughton

Gary Taubes

Fred Stare

Ancel Keys


Audio Engineer: CJ Franchetto



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