Episode 10: Are you born smart? The IQ debate: Dr. Brian Boutwell

June 12, 2017


Researchers generally agree on a few facts about intelligence: that it is real, measurable and heritable; that it predicts important life outcomes, and that it varies among racial groups.


Beyond on that, however, the discussion about intelligence becomes controversial, and scholars begin lining up on opposing sides, especially as they start to discuss the political and social implications of intelligence.


So how do we have a meaningful conversation about the science of intelligence? How do we ask the awkward questions that help us uncover the truth without the entire discussion grinding to a halt?


My guest today is here to answer some of these questions. Dr. Brian Boutwell is an Associate Professor of criminology and criminal justice at St. Louis University. He earned his Ph.D at Florida State University, and his research interests include the evolution of various human traits and the intersection of general intelligence with behavioral outcomes.




























Dr. Brian Boutwell's website. Follow him on Twitter.


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