Episode 13: The Little Black Book of Junk Science: Dr. Alex Berezow

July 20, 2017


Dr. Alex Berezow returns to the show to discuss his new book, The Little Black Book of Junk Science. Alex is a microbiologist, Senior Fellow in biomedical sciences at the American Council on Science and Health, and a contributor to the Economist, USA Today and many other popular publications.


On this episode, we discuss some of the more controversial topics covered in The Little Black Book: everything from dieting and organic food to environmentalism and psychology. Alex also explains that Monsanto didn't pay for his beloved '68 Ford Pinto. 










Download the Little Black Book of Junk Science

Alex's website



Topics Discussed

The Conceptual Penis 

The Sokal Hoax

Endocrine Disruptors 

Stacy Malkan


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