Episode 14: No, you're not born smart: Dr. Eric Turkheimer

July 27, 2017


Last month I interviewed Dr. Brian Boutwell on the show. Dr. Boutwell made the case that intelligence is highly heritable and our environments can only exert so much influence our IQs. But this is only one view in a very heated debate around the relationship between genetics and IQ.


Today my guest offers the opposite view. Dr. Eric Turkheimer says that our intelligence is indeed heritable, but our environments can drastically affect how smart we become and how successful we are over the course of our lives. 


So, are we born smart? Are some races of people more intellectually gifted than others? Maybe not. In fact, maybe those questions are "irredeemably unscientific," as my guest today argues.


Dr. Eric Turkheimer is the Hugh Scott Hamilton Professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. He has published extensively on the relationship between intelligence, genetics and race. Follow him on Twitter and visit his blog

























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