Episode 20: The "Portier Papers": David Zaruk

November 2, 2017


Early last month, science writer David Zaruk reported that Chris Portier, the "invited expert" on IARC's glyphosate panel, was a consultant to lawyers engaged in a lawsuit against Monsanto--for $450 an hour. Based on Portier's deposition in the case, Zaruk detailed that Portier was on a mission to justify an onslaught of litigation that came down on Monsanto, based on claims that their herbicide Roundup causes cancer. The end result of all this scheming was IARC's controversial glyphosate monograph, which has been fiercely criticized by scientists since its release two years ago.


David joins me today to explain why Portier's unscrupulous activism is just one piece of a broader effort by the environmentalist movement to infiltrate regulatory agencies around the world and use them to bring corporations under thumb. 




Visit David's website, follow him on Twitter.



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Greed, Lies and Glyphosate: The Portier Papers

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