Episode 21: Beating Science Deniers at Their Own Game: Dr. Kevin Folta

November 7, 2017


The current debate raging in science communication is this: how do you disabuse the public of their fear-based views on biotechnology and agriculture, or is it even possible to do so?


Some experts, like Genetic Literacy Project founder Jon Entine, say there's no way to win the short-term science education fight. We'll simply have to wait until biotechnology evolves to the point that its benefits are indisputable--which could take decades. 


But other experts are more optimistic. Dr. Kevin Folta returns to the program today to share his views on this important debate, and discuss the progress of his efforts to educate the public about modern agriculture. 


Kevin and I also touch on recent science news headlines, including the Dicamba drift controversy, GMO "pollution," and the potential glyphosate ban in the EU.






Visit Dr. Folta's website, follow him on Twitter.



Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Harms the Planet and Threatens Our Lives

My previous discussion with Dr. Folta

Scientist Kevin Folta files GMO libel lawsuit against NYT

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