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Guest appearance on the Tom Woods Show

Whether you realize it or not you are a shill for the pharmaceutical industry which...wants to make it illegal to advertise non-gmo products. You claim mountains of evidence, but your only argument is an appeal to authority which is a logical fallacy...You are also speaking on behalf of people who seek population reduction while experimenting on the health of people in poor countries, so at the very least you should recognize the major conflict of interest.

I've been accused of being in Monsanto's pocket before, but this is the first time someone has said I shill for people who want to reduce the world's population. I'm not sure how defending technology that saves people from starvation implicates me in a conspiracy to kill people in poor countries, but maybe this guy will follow up and explain his logic.

Anyway, check out the interview. You might also consider regularly listening to Tom Woods. His show is an excellent resource for anyone interested in economics, politics and history.

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