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Monsanto's weed killer in your cereal? Why your breakfast is still safe

The Environmental Working Group, "a non-profit, non-partisan" outfit headquartered in Washington DC, has a brilliant fundraising strategy: Put out a "study" declaring that tiny amounts of a harmless chemical in food are actually toxic. This stunt always earns EWG tons of publicity, which is probably why they do it annually, but scientists find the whole charade annoying. I spoke to a few experts and wrote this critique of their latest "weed-killing poison in your Cheerios" study.

My thesis:

The fundamental, consensus conclusion: A bowl of cheerios, or a daily bowl over months or even many years won’t endanger your health. Why? Because we are talking about minuscule amounts of glyphosate—well below the levels that would be considered dangerous

I hope you'll read the rest.

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