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The end of sex; garlic bread gives you cancer

Two new pieces to share. First, my interview with science writer Jamie Metzl. We discuss his new book Hacking Darwin. Within three decades, Metzl says, the majority of parents may begin skipping sexual reproduction and turning to in-vitro fertilization and embryo selection to conceive disease-free children.

Second, California says garlic bread causes cancer, and businesses can be sued for not warning their patrons. The previously sentence is entirely true; I break it down in my latest article at Genetic Literacy Project:

As far as California law is concerned, the garlic bread we ate that night boosted our cancer risk because of a byproduct created when it’s cooked. In contrast, the US Food and Drug Administration and most every scientist that’s looked at the potential dangers say my wife and I weren’t gambling our futures away, and indeed we enjoyed dinner and lived to tell about it. But the sign above our table was a reminder that thousands of businesses are often forced to post what turn out to be scare-mongering warnings under the Golden State’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, better known as Proposition 65.

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