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Coronavirus, 5G conspiracies and more podcasts

If you've been overwhelmed by the onslaught of contradictory coronavirus news, geneticist Kevin Folta and I have launched a new podcast you may find helpful as the pandemic proceeds. Here's the latest, released on April 17:

While political leaders and scientists speculate that coronavirus is beginning to loosen its grip on the world, hospitals are considering using the blood of recovered patients as a preventative measure and treatment for COVID-19. Older folks may be more vulnerable to the disease, but that doesn’t mean young people should think themselves invulnerable. There seems to be no end to the rampant speculation (and conspiracy theories) about the origins of the novel coronavirus. Experts say we should be doing more to fight the anti-science movement that threatens to slow progress in biomedicine and cause unnecessary suffering.

I recently interviewed Dr. Paul Offit about his new book Overkill, which challenges some of modern medicine's most common practices—including treating fever and finishing an antibiotic course.

Vaccine and GMO skeptics are blaming the pandemic on 5G, a conspiracy I take apart in this article. On a related note, the same activists also say "the globalists" knew a coronavirus pandemic was coming and planned to use it as an excuse to institute a new world order. This is, to put it politely, a speculative version of events, as I detail at the American Council on Science and Health.

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