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Biden's awful, unethical COVID vaccine mandate

My argument against the federal government's vaccine mandate:

"Scientific arguments aside, the mandate is deeply unethical. Our society is built on a belief in self-ownership. There are detailed philosophical arguments in support of this idea, but simply put, I have the best claim on my body because I live in it. I have a mind with which I can determine how to meet my essential needs, like acquiring food and shelter to cite two obvious examples, and the ability to execute my problem-solving plans—and so do you.

At no step in this Natural Law equation is there room for the government to dictate what you do, provided you don't harm anyone else. Where do you think slogans like "my body, my choice" get their legitimacy? If someone forgoes vaccination and subsequently infects another person, the transmission can be tracked and they can be held liable for their actions. But threatening an individual's job with a vaccine mandate before they do any harm is wrong—a gross interference with their right to provide for themselves and their families. We're better than that."


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