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UK needs better biotech rules: The case for GMOs in England

My new report for the Adam Smith Institute, It’s a snip: UK must embrace GMOs in post-Brexit freedom, is out now. Here's a sample:

£1.7 billion lost to UK farming industry since 1996 due to GMO ban; globally, farmers have benefited £170 billion from GMOs between 1996 and 2018 while consumers save £18 billion per year
23 billion kilotons of carbon emissions reduction — the equivalent of pulling 15.3 million cars off the road — and 800 million kgs less pesticide between 1996 and 2018 because of GMOs
29 countries allow GMOs and the US approved 70 gene edited varieties in 2020; the UK is falling behind
The UK Government must go further with post-Brexit biotechnology plans by embracing GMOs in addition to gene editing in agriculture...


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