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'Artificial womb' will mean end of abortion?

Credit: By artridge, Emily A.; Davey, Marcus G.; Hornick, Matthew A.; McGovern, Patrick E.; Mejaddam, Ali Y.; Vrecenak, Jesse D.; Mesas-Burgos, Carmen; Olive, Aliza; Caskey, Robert C.; Weiland, Theodore R.; Han, Jiancheng; Schupper, Alexander J.; Connelly, James T.; Dysart, Kevin C.; Rychik, Jack; Hedrick, Holly L.; Peranteau, William H.; Flake, Alan W. (25 April 2017). "An extra-uterine system to physiologically support the extreme premature lamb". 8. The Author(s): 15112. Retrieved 2018-01-18. -, CC BY 4.0,

Our latest Biotech Facts and Fallacies podcast is out over at Genetic Literacy Project: ‘Artificial womb’ raises awkward ethical questions about abortion, child welfare and health freedom:

In the coming decades, certain developments in biotechnology will almost certainly force us to ask some awkward ethical questions—for which there aren’t yet clear answers. So-called ‘artificial womb’ technology is one such example. Recent research suggests that it may be possible one day to keep a human fetus alive outside its mother’s uterus from fertilization to full-term infancy...[I]f and when that technology leaves the realm of science fiction, the ongoing political debate over abortion, for instance, will never be the same.

Check it out—and subscribe on iTunes.

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