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Debunking opioid myths; Marxists don't like GMOs; The problem with surrogacy

I recently appeared on the Doctor Patient Forum to discuss my article debunking the nonsense Netflix documentary Painkiller. The story had such an impact that the show's Wikipedia page cited my review, though the editors mistakenly claimed that I defended the Sackler family. My point was not that Purdue Pharma was wrongly blamed for the fentanyl epidemic, but that America's inane drug laws have done much greater harm than opioids themselves. Naturally, Wikipedia stressed that ACSH is a "pro-industry group," which is false and completely besides the point anyway.

Jacobin Magazine—"a leading voice of the American left"—published an atrocious story about GMOs in Africa, which I took apart for ACSH. On the latest episode of Science Facts and Fallacies, Dr. Liza Dunn and I discuss the deeply unethical consequences of surrogacy, women renting out their wombs to couples who can't or won't have their own children.


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